Upholstery Update :: First Client

Sunday, 15 September 2013

A couple of weeks ago I got my first ever upholstery client, I was really excited that someone would want me to upholster their chair. When I first saw the chair I knew it was going to look amazing, a dainty antique Louis 14th, already painted in Annie Sloan old white and upholstered in a emerald green velvet which sagged in the middle, probably from years of  someone sitting reading in a corner somewhere ( it looked like that kind of a chair...cosy).
As this was the first chair I have attempted to upholster outside of college I thought it would be nice to show (my right arm) Jamie, what I have been getting up to, as I was working through the process it was lovely to get an extra pair of hands and work together to make this chair perfect, and I believe I may have passed on the upholstery bug (Jamie didn't want to come up for air) as it's quite catching once you see one through you want to start another.
My client chose a beautiful wide striped linen fabric, which had tones of charcoal greys and natural linens, yes it was gorgeous .
fabric by Annie Sloan.
The transformation of the chair was breath taking, I love upholstering antique chairs that no one would look twice at, and after a bit of love the finished results are so worth it. 
Oh and one more thing the little heart was made with some leftover material from the chair as a little thank you gift to my client for picking me to upholster their chair. A great way to use any scrapes of material you have leftover and looks cute hanging on a handle to, and the best thing is there easy peasy to make.

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