Artist And Flea Markets :: Brooklyn

Sunday, 26 January 2014

 Last November I went to NYC to do a little Christmas shopping and on the Sunday I thought it would be a nice idea to head over to Brooklyn and wonder through the vintage boutiques, you know have a lazy Sunday kinda day. I did manage to find the Brooklyn vintage flea market, soon as I entered the old building I just wanted to buy EVERYTHING I can't tell you how much I adore American vintage clothing I think they hold the best, all the corners was cramped with old lace dresses and tan leather brogues lined up on the floor, stools filled with handmade jewellery designed by young up and coming designers and then I found 'Love Hue Studios' a designer Devin Kain who turns vintage books into clocks, this really was one of my all time fav's, such a good idea and they look beautiful.

I admire artist that reuse vintage stuff and turn it into beautiful quirky things that we seem to find ourselves taken by. When I see artist/designers come together at flea markets and craft show's it inspires me to keep going and not give up on something you love, and that's why I feel that its important for us to help support small business's and up and coming designers/artist.
Love Hue Studios can also custom make you a vintage book clock so if you have a all time favourite you can send them your book and they can customise you a clock. I kinda love this idea think its a tiny bit genius.
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