Upholstery Update :: The One That Nearly Got Away

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Some times you find things in the most unexpected places, for instants a odd dinning chair in the middle of a park car.. yep this really did happen, I actually do think they are following me or the word is out on the street that I give makeovers to even the saddest looking chairs, when I saw her just sitting there looking a little bit lonely I thought this is your lucky day, your coming home with me. I had a good look around the car park to see if any one was watching me as I quickly walked over to this chair picked her up and popped her into the back of my car, my deed of the day.
As she was a freebie I thought I would experiment and just have fun, I wanted to go for a real distressed not so perfect looking upholstered chair. Embracing the imperfections, I painted this chair in a light coat of french linen, heavily distressed the frame (which I love). For the upholstery I wanted it to look like this chair was upholstered in old french grain sacking, as vintage sacking is very expensive these days I just upholstered this chair in thick natural linen and stencilled the french writing on the back and finished off with chrome studs that I aged using black acyclic paint. I love, love, love stencilling and I want to do this again I also like the studs as a stylish alternative to double pipping.
I think she turned out just fine, and you wouldn't dare find her dumped in the corner of a car park but you will find her in her new home, Jamie's walk in wardrobe taking pride of place. 

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