Upholstery update :: sky blues the limit

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

when you start with a chair that looks like it’s been kept in a skip for the last 20 odd years its exciting knowing that you are going to bring this poor little chair back to life and by the time your done with it, it’s going to be a complete head turner.

I took this pic after I stripped it down, originally it was upholstered in red velvet with brass studs, making this chair look OTT and tacky as the wooden frame is already elaborate enough, I wanted to make this chair look elegant and more simple.

I got to learn how to button this term which was really interesting, working out the dimensions for the diamonds and covering buttons by hand is a lot harder then I imagined and the little arms can be fiddly to, but the end result is worth every minute as I’ve fallen completely in love and this will be a hard one to let go.

I painted this chair in Paris Grey - Annie Sloan {new addiction} I sanded the edges, I think this also helps bring out the beautiful detail that’s in the wooden frame and I decided to go for natural linen in sky blue.

I think this chair would look amazing in a bedroom or if you had a walk-in wardrobe you could have this chair to sit and try on all your beloved shoe collection. {I think Carrie would approve} yep I think I've found the perfect excuse ladies for us to own a chair like this.
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