Yard of Bleu launches at Etsy

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Thursday was an exciting day we finally launched our online vintage home ware shop at Etsy. As you can see down the right hand side, a quick glimpse into my shop.
My love for vintage interiors has lead me to upholstery and hand painted vintage furniture, but a home isn’t anything without the finishing touches .When I’m on my adventures hunting for the big things, its always the little things that catch my eye, when I see something that I admire I just have to get it , a bit naughty but It’s a old habit that I learnt from my Nan as she was the one that introduced me to the world of vintage treasures and taught me that if you don’t buy with your heart your live with regret, as the beauty of buying vintage is  you might not see them again so it’s best to always buy, she would say . so as I started to build a beautiful collection ranging from 1950's floral linens, pastel French tea sets to painted garden coffee pots I knew it was time to open a online shop and there isn't a better place to start with then Etsy . I really really love this site, being able to shop anything vintage from across the world is a dream come true, and not to forget all the handmade products you can buy from talented artist and designers it’s just a magical place to start a business.
Here are just a few of my favourite pieces selected from my online collection

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