Lets all admire artist : Leslie Oschmann

Monday, 26 May 2014

Monday inspiration - Artist Leslie Oschmann. wow her work is beautiful, after I discovered her work through Pinterest I felt the urge to immediately check out her website and see more. Leslie's work has had me thinking about new possibilities for vintage furniture... maybe learning a new skill in decoupage, could be interesting using old maps or newspaper illustrations, but I cant imagine them coming out look as amazing as these though, but worth a try.

 Leslie relocated from the states to Holland where she set up her studio in Amsterdam, she finds old furniture and paintings at the local flea markets and revamps them, giving them a unique twist.

I love the way she has used full size images on these chairs and used different angles for the top, to make them current and fun. hope you guys feel inspired and give you a creative boost. Happy Monday!
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