Yard Of Bleu Shop Update :: Lake Blues & Oyster Whites

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Today we have put together some of our favourite vintage home wares fresh from the shop. Lately we have been drawn by smoked blue linens, old white china and petite glass perfume bottles.  These muted tones work well with natural light interiors and bare wooden surfaces for a more rustic look. We also have introduced some women's wear to the shop, we couldn't resist these pretty vintage blouses, could you?  

Elegant oyster white and French grey tea set, grey Monday tablecloth, ivory Selfridge blouse, pale tinted goblet glasses, smoked scalloped blouse, glass jelly mould, petite femme perfume bottle and champagne rose embroidered trinket.
Psss..... for more deets or to buy head over to the shop , these beauties wont be there for long!
Enjoy your day.

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