The thing I'm Loving at The Moment :: Crumbling Walls

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Do you dare to dream of wanting perfectly aged walls? When I flick through interior design magazines and see new interior's set in old European buildings with white washed bricks or crumpling plaster walls they just seem to set off the room in a beautiful way, everything looks more interesting with textured walls, I feel drawn in and instantly imagine this building, where is it? Is it an old town house set in the back streets of Naples or a 18th century grand apartment in Paris? {My imagination always take over when I see something so dreamy} yes the room comes to life and its pretty hard to come across a house or a apartment with naturally aged brick work or perfect crumbling plaster without the damp and mess.
 As I was flicking through this months issue of ELLE Decoration I was so excited when I saw a perfect crumbling plastered wall that was actually in fact a wallpaper by Rebel Wall's a Swedish company.
I'm in love with this idea of faking a beautifully aged wall by using this mural design wallpaper, how amazing would this look in a bedroom as a featured wall It would add so much character and charm. Well a girl can only dream... if you are taken by these gorgeous wallpapers as much as I am right now then be sure to take a look at and check out there other designs they have loads of amazing wallpapers that I also have fallen in love with.
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