It's just the beginning ...

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Beginnings are beautiful to think and wonder what is yet to become....... well that's what I imagine when I dream of the beginning. The beginning of something exciting, fresh and yet unknown.

Hi I'm Georgia the blogger of Yard of Bleu, it’s my first post (a bit nervous) and I want to share with you some things about myself and my dreams. I'm 23 originally from London, I have a one sister who is my best friend, I absolutely love this girl she is the person I turn too when I need a cuddle, high five or a good cry and I’ve been with my boyfriend Jamie for 5 and half years coming up to 6 in September. We meet at school and become good friends.....and the rest is history, he is my soul mate and he definitely brings the best out in me, I couldn’t imagine life without him, he has me in fits of giggles and we try and discover somewhere new every opportunity we have together, we love travelling and my favourite place yet, is Italy I have so much love for this place and every time I visit I just want to stay and never return its one of my ultimate dreams to live out there one day .

The dreams I dare to dream.......

I have a goal in life like the rest of us, mine is to one day own my very own interior shop selling antiques, vintage finds, linen, textiles and one-off pieces of art from across Europe, I would like to also have a coffee bar inside playing the coolest, relaxing jazz music..... Everyone has a dream some bigger than others but this is what I imagine my life to be and I thought I would blog about it and capture my journey online so that I can see how I’m progressing and get some feedback from people that share the same interests as me.

This all started when I went to college to study 3D design I feel in love with architecture and interiors, I went on to study surface design at uni which covered fabric and wallpaper design. I left not sure if that is what I wanted to do, two years after I started taking upholstery classes I’m currently on my third term. The feeling of turning something that looks so lifeless into a exciting piece of furniture is so much fun and I love looking back at all the hard work and having that sense of achievement. So this is what made me think and take a professional furniture painting course last month to turn old pieces of unwanted furniture into a statement for the home.

I want to share with you my work, here are my first two chairs I've upholstered I got these as a pair from a flea market in Leigh -On-Sea, it’s not there anymore which is a shame as it sold really cute chairs, I upholstered them in Cath Kidston fabric as the chairs are really petite and would look beautiful in a bedroom.

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