Lets all admire artist : Yumiko Higuchi

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

I've always been a huge lover of embroidery and an admirer of those who can sit there and make this craft look easy, so this week I thought I would share with you some inspiring embroidery work from artist Yumiko Higuchi.
 I have been truly blown away by embroidery artist Yumiko Higuchi, from Japan. Her work is breathe taking, she creates embroidered fabrics that are inspired by nature, using rich colourful threads that keep her work contemporary, and the best thing is Yumiko uses her embroidered fabric to make purses that you can purchase from her website. Yippee!

Images are sources from Pinterest and www.yumikohiguchi.com

I would love to see the embroidered flower fabric made in to huge floor cushions, I think they would look fabulous laid on bare floor boards next to a slouchy linen sofa.  
You can check out more of Yumiko Higuchi work and cute purses here at www.yumikohiguchi.com

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